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The Mother Earth Restoration Trust

In light of the grave bio-cultural crises facing the world today — from climate change to global economic distress — there has been an upsurge of interest and engagement with peoples worldwide that still maintain a common union with the Earth. There is a call to remember the wisdom of the natural world and a growing recognition that humanity must come back into alignment with Life's Original Principles in order to address the crises befalling all dimensions of the modern world. It is in response to this urgent call that The Mother Earth Restoration Trust emerged.

Our Mission

To bridge pre-ancient wisdom (when all of creation was in spiritual thought and being prepared for its physical manifestation) with the modern world for the Unification of all Peoples, to awaken and inspire a conscious and engaged commitment worldwide for Mother Earth Restoration.

Our Vision

We envision a world of pure, fresh Water, clean Air, fertile Soil and Harmony among all Peoples, where Life is restored to ecological, social, economic and cultural balance. By 2035 we will have restored the effects brought about by human action in the Web of Life.

The Mother Earth Restoration Trust was created to bring financial autonomy to The Unification Process. This autonomy assures full integrity of the spiritual work that is forwarded by the Elders together with MERT, under the guidance and leadership of the Mother Herself.  

From the spiritual perspective, the Elders showed us that "the energy of money took on a personality that in its role in the world today, disregards "Original Principles".  As such, and for the purpose of the Trust, they saw the need to take on the task of  bringing said "personality" before Original Council for a reflection as to how it can retake its Original Mandate–to serve All of Life. 

They likened this Mandate to the simple, yet profound function, what leaves shedding from trees, carry out when they fall to the ground and become nourishment for the soil that sustains the very tree they came from.  

The spiritual basis of the Trust is therefore founded on the Universal Principles of reciprocity and complementarity; the Original Mandate given to All beings created, to live on Earth. The energy of all monies (a personality) generated in our global society, through the spiritual work done by the Elders and the Trust, now has a greater ability to serve as nourishment for Mother Earth Restoration.