A Reflection for the Feminine

The Mother Earth Restoration Trust

A Reflection for the Feminine

Dear Sacred Friends,

We send loving appreciation to all the women, and men, in our global family who have responded to our last email with such beauty, compassion and love based on the message the Mother brought forth into collective consciousness.

Also, we have received numerous requests from many of you (women and men), who live in different regions of the world and are unable to be physically present with us from October 19 to the 24th in Sedona, Arizona, asking how you can participate in service to this council of women for the Healing of the Feminine and Nature.

We humbly express our gratitude to all that share the volition to be present, while spiritually holding a sacred container for the women, who courageously committed to do the spiritual work that will help them remember the Feminine Principles and thus, begin to embody them. The beauty of this, is that the 4 Peoples of the Earth in the Heart of the World are giving this pathway (spiritual work) from the Mother Herself, and the women are answering a call beyond themselves, understanding they are also doing this for the collective whole.

The Elders say: "Healing ourselves is making the Mother Earth a priority and doing so will open up the book of the Mother inside each and every woman. The Feminine is a sacred book and it needs to be understood more fully. Women have every sacred site that She (the Mother) has. They hold all of the elements inside that She does, and they are a representation of Her."

We (MERT) asked our Elders "how can women and men from afar accompany and support this work?"

Below are the results of that consultation with the Mother.

The Elders:

The Feminine needs to be healed and so too does Her voice. This can only take place once a woman understands what "she embodies, as well as possesses–the same sacred sites that the Mother Earth has. It is the Mother Earth Herself that is calling upon all Women/Daughters of the Earth to remember the Feminine Principles they embody and as “Givers of Life,", to once again consecrate or hold sacred the parts of her body (the Sexual Organs ) that reflect the foundation of where those Feminine Principles are held. Women hold the identical structure of the planet within their Natural Constitution. All the organs and physiological functions of "woman" were originally given to the Mother Earth first; hence in humanity, women are the ones who hold the ability to Mother children.

We are going to bring forth the Feminine Principles, based on the volition of each woman to heal herself. This Circle of women is a Council that is taking place and each woman represents thousands. One woman healing, while keeping all women present in heart and mind, results in thousands of women healing.

This council needs to unfold on the bases of a reflection and an analysis of self, before each woman dwells within to recapitulate and cleanse the Negativity, that through unaware actions, has affected the Web of Life.

Therefore, we invite women all over the world who wish to participate, to meditate, reflect and analyze on the following questions the Mother offers and in this way, we will be together in heart and mind, outside of time and space.

We also invite all men (Masculine) to reflect on the Feminine (women)–their ability to gestate life, their ability to serve as a vessel, where another life is actually formed, where our children actually begin their formation of development, inside the womb of a woman. As much as men can honor and appreciate that, when it comes to consecrating life, which begins in the womb, men need help understanding this, men need help in being able to connect with what that actually means.

When women consecrate their wombs once again and learn how to consecrate themselves once again, when they consecrate the bases of the "Temple of Life," which is Sexuality, then they will be able to help men understand that concept. Entering that space then, that sacred, sacred space, where life is gestated becomes a very, very, very big responsibility.

Reflection: The Sagas

"As women, we are responsible for the children and not only our own children, but all of Humanity. Humanity as a whole is seen as children. Women then, being the greatest expression of the primordial Mother themselves, are being called by the Mother. She is calling for an analysis of self by reflecting on the following."

"What state does Humanity find itself in?"

The responsibility of showing children (humanity) a path principally lies on women, as mothers, sisters, daughters. Women care for the children, women care for the husbands, oftentimes for the brothers. In other words, women by Nature, are the ones who have that spirit of nurturance which brings great responsibility to all the children–to show children a path of caring for everything that exists. This is why we say "It is the Moment in Time for the Woman".

We must begin by asking ourselves:

"How have we lived our lives?"

"How have we led our lives?"

"What do we need to do–to change if we need to–so we can show a path to others, so we can nurture others?"

The Mother brings it back to the consecration of self.

Order is preserved through our Sexuality, once again, it begins there. This is what our children need to be shown–as a path–and when we consecrate ourselves, especially when we consecrate our Sexuality, we are fulfilling our responsibility with everything that is. Women possess the innate capabilities to guide or lead this path, to save humanity from itself and to protect the Mother from humanity.

Here below we will give you an optimal way to prepare holding space, as each woman that comes to this gathering, in the same way has been preparing for it.

Out of respect and reverence for the Mother Earth, during this time frame, October 19 - 24th, a drug and alcohol free environment is imperative ~ how we treat our “Temples of Life” is how we treat the Earth.

Personal Preparation

Sobriety is key. Beginning cleansing now until the gathering is over– to bring your vibrational frequency to optimal levels. This allows our work to be in greater synch with the Elders outside of time and space.

As we are sure all of you know, conscious awareness of our foods and drink also helps in elevating our frequency. In our interconnectedness, one affects the whole, so we ask each woman to fulfill their sacred responsibility in this way for oneself and the collective.

The work that lies ahead focuses upon our pro-creative energies and takes place on sacred sites. Sexual fasting, of all kinds, is therefore highly recommended. The recommendations regarding Sexuality is based on what the Mother Earth Herself is requesting through the consultations our Elders make. They are intended to give us a deeper understanding of pro-creative energies and ultimately, bring Sexuality in our lives to a whole new level of meaning and purpose.

This time of abstinence aims at developing a greater sense of reverence to the original essence that constitutes our existence and responsibilities within the Web of Life. Of course no one is obligated to abstain, ultimately it is your decision.

We (MERT) hold the vision that our beloved sacred Mother has, which is to expand this imperative pathway (spiritual work) worldwide. After convoking 22 women for the Circle in Sedona, AZ through our previous newsletter, many responded having the unbending volition to commit to this process, yet do not have the resources to travel. Requests were made to bring this work to all parts of the world, particularly to those whose reality limits them.

We therefore invite all who wish to collaborate in the future to contact us directly, so we may begin to cultivate dialogue in service to, and in communion with our Mother Earth. Thankfully, we still have Elders in the Heart of the World, who through their coherence still hold the pure gift of conversing with the Mother and are able to receive Her wisdom and instructions to help humanity.

The spiritual work the Mother gives can not be given in a textbook, it cannot be given over the internet, it is an experiential education of Origin and it requires physical presence, care and nurturance. It is the spiritual work every woman does that opens "the book of the Mother" inside of themselves, and the Mother is the only one who still preserves the integrity of this book.

As She continues to guide this pathway women around the world are committing to, the Feminine heals and becomes a beacon of light to Humanity's (women and men) healing of itself ...and herein lies the restoration of our beloved Earth.

We pray that collaborators will consciously come forth to bring their gifts for the collective healing of the Feminine, so that it may continue at an exponential rate because Time is no longer waiting, the Time is now.

We are in humbled gratitude to be walking this journey with you,

The Mother Earth Restoration Trust