Bringing the Innocence Back to the Children of the Earth

The Mother Earth Restoration Trust

Bringing the Innocence Back to the Children of the Earth


On behest of the Spiritual Authority who authorized we share this image, we kindly
ask our Global Family to not circulate it over the internet without the context
of the message below, out of respect for the Mother and the Four Peoples of the Earth.

Beloved Global Family,

As many of you are gathered, particularly in the North, with loved ones and family during this season of Gratitude and Giving, this message is intended for all those who are concerned with the state of the world that our children are going to receive and in effect, are now receiving as Humanity drifts further away from Original Principles that are inherent in Nature. Original Principles are written in Nature. These are the "original libraries". The Elders call it "the Book of Mother Earth".

Let us begin with the understanding that when we use the word "children", we are using it as a homonym because in the eyes of the Mother, there are two meanings in this word; the young children birthed into this world generation after generation (ages 0 - 13) and all the children of the Earth (Humanity).

The Elders:

When we ask ourselves: why are the children of the world behaving in the ways they are behaving; why are the children of the world taking paths in life that seem to lead, at the end, to a profound disappointment?

When believing they were going to find realization in professions, in the ability to acquire material wealth and possessions, even in the quests for intellectual development, at the end, they find disappointment as the state of the world continues to deteriorate. Some completely believe in the development of technologies for modernity and the comforts that come with living in a world where everything seems to be prepared for you already.

Some believe that consecrating the "Temple of Life", beginning with our Sexuality, is not necessary, yet we are encountering pornography, sex trafficking, rape and sexual harassment. Even music begins to incite our children with the energies of desecration before their coming of age and this begins to lead them into a life of disorderconvinced that this is a path, convinced that this is the way.

These are just perhaps trivial matters, when compared to the state of war and conflict Humanity finds itself in.

Why and how are the children of the world in such disconnect with the Earth? Why are they in a state of such unawareness?

The Mother expresses that the children are reading the books of Humanity and those are not the Origins. The Origins reside in Nature. Only the Mother and Nature can give the understanding of what it truly means to be in harmony and balance, and here we call this "the Book of the Mother".

The books Humanity has written and is presently writing are taking our children, at the very end, on this path of disappointment. The children of the world today are reading books of War, Conflict, Hunger, Violence, Sexual Misconduct, Greed, Power, Wealth and Commodification of the Earth. These are the books of Humanity and they tell a story of everything we are seeing today, reliving history, reliving the spirit of Negativity, a product of Humanity.

It is time to turn our eyes toward "the Book of the Mother", to the libraries of Nature.

When we read the Book of the Mother: what do we see in a Mountain, what do we see in a River? When we read the Book of the Mother: what do we find in a Snow Peak, what do we find in an Ocean? What do we find in a Forrest, what do we find in all the elements of Nature? What is the inherent message we can read in the books of Nature, in the Book of the Mother?

When we go to the Mountain, the Mountain will never say "Go War on your Neighbor!" or "Go take off the Mountain top over there and commodify the richness it holds for Humanity!"

When we go to the River, the River will never say "Attack other Nations and go Fight for the Rights of the Water!"

When we look at a landscape of a Mountain where there are Rivers we see everybody has rights, inherent rights, all the children of the Mother. The Trees, the Plants, the Birds, the Animals have rights to that Water, have rights to the fresh Air the very Earth Herself produces. Yet, the books of Humanity are dominated by Negativity that today is embedded in the psyches of the children of the world through video games, television, movies, the internet, cell phones, newspapers, technologies that make life easier for us–we do not even need to think for ourselves anymore.

Do we even know anymore what function a River serves on the Earth body?
Do we even remember anymore what function a Mountain holds and serves for Humanity?

Fortunately there are still few of us left who have kept this Book of the Mother preserved for Humanity and we want to bring this Book out to the world to share with those that through volition to read Nature and learn once again, merit reading it. The Original Principles we live by are the guidelines of this Book. The laws of Origin, the laws of Nature.

We need the world to know what a few of us still hold for Humanity and all we ask in reciprocity is to become aware, help us preserve this Book of the Mother so we can share it with the world, because without this Book the world will continue to deteriorate.

To sit and watch a River, to sit and feel a Tree or listen to a Mountain and hear what they have to say–this is what we need to relearn, this is what we should be studying. All the answers to the problems in the world lay in the wisdom Nature preserves for Humanity–hence, our responsibility to preserve Nature.

This is one part of the solution however, the other part lies in the collective decision to change and act with more consciousness.

When problems come to us in our communities, we consult and receive the answers from the Book of the Mother, from Nature Herself. These answers are profound indeed, yet, they are just that, answers. Alone, they don't fully resolve the problems for the people. We give the guidance that comes from the Mother, from Nature, but ultimately it is up to the people to make that internal change and become an example of what harmony and balance is, based on the guidance received and given. Even after spiritual work is done to heal, even after the spiritual debt accrued is healed from the unaware actions that created disharmony in the web of life, still, only the individual/people(s) can actually resolve the problem(s) for good, by changing the way(s) they are acting or behaving and staying committed to that.

Nature and the Book of the Mother teaches us balance, teaches us harmony,
simply that.

On rearing children, many are asking: what can we do?
How can we teach our children to make the Earth a priority?

The Mother Earth Herself is urging Humanity, urging parents and expressing "make me the priority.Make me the priority by simply taking the children into Nature. Preserve their innocence and purity, give them something different to the books that Humanity has written. Give them something different than artificiality–bring them to me, let them feel how alive I am, how organic I am, living, breathing, show them the beauty of all my children, that are part of Nature and in this way we will begin to preserve Nature, as everything in Nature too, goes through the same developmental stages of innocence and purity that children (humans) do".

Bring the children in the early years of their lives to Nature so they begin reading this Book of the Mother, they can watch everything grow and live the same developmental stages of innocence and purity as themselves. This is of fundamental importance because when they are children their innocence and purity is what gives them the ability to listen, to see, to read the libraries of Nature. As soon as they lose that innocence and purity (this happens in many ways), they begin to lose those abilities and that connection with Nature. We must show the children of the world different books, books of Harmony and Balance, where everything coexists together.

Here in the Heart of the World there are remote regions of our territories left where children become united with everything in Nature from the time they are conceived, birthed and through out all the developmental stages of their early lives. They interact with all the elements of Nature that are at the same developmental stages of growth they are in–t
he little springs, the little plants, the little grasses, the little trees, everything in Nature is in connection with them. They begin to communicate with all of Nature in these stages. How are they connected? In purity they make spiritual offerings to all of Nature–the little mountains, the little birds, the little animals, the little stars, etc.
They learn to listen, understand, speak and give to Nature. This communion develops their sensitivity and ability to perceive imbalances in Nature.

When the children reach their coming of age, they already have that deep connection with everything in Nature and this is why they pass from being a child to an adult.

What makes you an adult? Your understanding, connection and responsibility to all that is–awareness.

The Book of the Mother exemplifies to the children at a young age good intentions, positivity and harmony in the web of life, solidifying a mentality that cares for the Mother and all of Her children.

Bringing the innocence back to the children in this way cultivates their sacred responsibilities with Nature. Becoming responsible while preserving purity strengthens their powers (faculties). Power comes from that relationship to all that is, to Nature, to the Mother and remaining attentive to Her wellbeing. This is what gives them the powers to heal Nature and preserve balance. The children need to continue to be raised in this way for the future of Humanity.

As they enter adulthood, awareness and responsibility becomes inherent to their own nature. In the eyes of the Mother, they have earned the right to be seen as another child of the Earth because they know their sacred place in Nature. Only then have they acquired the ability
to identify imbalances with precision in Nature, while having the powers to mitigate them in their own communities and in the world, by bringing definitive solutions.

At this present moment, seeing the encroachment of modernity and artificiality, in regions of the Heart of the World determined through consultations, we too are prioritizing strictly raising of our children as aforementioned above. Let us all honor the children of the Earth together in this way, so Humanity can see a new dawn.

May this season be filled with greater awareness, as we unite around the world to make a collective shift in our commitment to restoration by bringing back innocence and purity into the web of life.

In Gratitude and Service,

The Mother Earth Restoration Trust


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