December 2016

The Mother Earth Restoration Trust

A Time of Stillness and Reflection



Dear Mother Earth Restorers,

As we near the end of 2016 and head into the next season, the Elders remind us all to reflect in stillness for everything that has transpired this year. In our state of reflection, may we look deep within and be willing to release all that does not serve our highest purpose.

We (theMERT) feel profound gratitude for the accomplishments achieved this year, only made possible with the support of all of you!

To the Four Peoples of the Earth, the Solstice is a process where “the Sun" begins to enter His new position, which they view as a house inhabited by a Feminine essence that receives and cares for Him while He continues to carry out His function at each stage (season) through out the Celestial Path He travels.

With the magic of winter entering its fullness in the North, the Mother Earth prepares Herself to receive the Sun in His new position, while in the South, the Four Peoples of La Sierra are entering sacred ceremony to complete the first phase of Healing All of Nature.

Within these ceremonies, the Elders will be reading the “Oracles” relative to the Feminine Principle as it continues to be woven into the entire tapestry of the Re-Unification Process we forward, wherein women take leading roles with every step moving forward in 2017 and the years to come.

Nature (seen as a woman) continues to heal as the Feminine Principle becomes more pronounced, complemented by the spiritual work done by women (more to share later) deep in La Sierra. Results of this work are evident in the Heart of the World as Chundwa, or the Snow Peaks - pronounced (choon - dwa), have shown some expansion due to the increased precipitation this year.

It is with great honor to share a significant accomplishment of 2016, where through unprecedented spiritual work done by women deep in La Sierra, guided by Spiritual Leaders (Sagas & Mamos) whom consulted the Mother Earth and with the collaboration of our global community, theMERT was able to recover several hectares of ancient, ancestral lands. This sacred site represents “Restoration,” both for La Sierra and the entire World. These lands have been inactive for hundreds of years and can now be restored in the upcoming year!

We will continue sharing greater details of this process as it unfolds in the future, until then...

May Peace, Love and Joy be our gifts during this season and our treasures throughout the New Year!

In quiet, reflective stillness,

The Mother Earth Restoration Trust