Deepening the Healing with Nature

The Mother Earth Restoration Trust 

Deepening the Healing with Nature


Dear Sacred Global Community,

We would like to begin by expressing gratitude to all peoples of the Earth who participated in communion with us through various ways for Healing all of Nature during the Equinox passage.  It was beautiful to feel so many of Mother Earth’s children joining heartfelt intentions for the restoration of our relationship to Nature.

We are definitely witnessing a cleansing of the elements taking place on Her Earth body.  This is an immediate, direct response to the healing work taking place.  We see this as very Positive.

After our last post, the Elders requested our presence in La Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, Heart of the World, on behest of Mother Earth to deepen the spiritual offerings for the healing of Nature with the Four Peoples.  This was a most profound experience and quite honestly, intensely emotional. To feel the presence of Mother Earth in the Heart of the World is like talking directly to a woman.  Her presence is acknowledged, therefore it is felt strongly, and listening to Her is deeply reflective. 

The Elders guided us through a process of restoration that began many hours and several days of intense, focused spiritual work, in which we were to ask the Spiritual Mother and Father of Mother Earth to give us a remedy to cleanse and heal all the Negativity of violence, war, power, greed, exploitation (mining, deforestation, river diversion, dams, etc.) and commodification of all parts of the Earth body. 

We went through humanity’s historical process of losing the sacredness, purity and interconnectedness to Mother Earth, and therefore all of life throughout the entire planet.  As well, we were asked to cleanse and heal with the remedy given, sacred sites (mountains, headwaters, caves, rock formations, lagoons, snow peaks, volcanoes, etc…) You can imagine how long this took!

Once we were complete with the Earth we were asked to clean and heal the Sun, Stars, Moon, Rain, Air, Wind and Fire as they are seen as children that still hold purity. Their eyes, ears, minds, and in essence all their senses, have been exposed to all of these atrocities that have affected them too, as they were watching their brothers and sisters be violated for personal gains and riches. Overtime they have developed resentment towards us (humanity), a lack of trust, a lot of sadness and anger.  So we were asked to cleanse all of them and what they have been witness to. 

We then asked the Spiritual Mother and Father of the Waters to give us a remedy to cleanse and heal the Waters (springs, creeks, rivers, lagoons, lakes, ponds, ect…) on the entire planet from the same violations.  Afterwards, again we cleaned the emotions of the Sun, Moon, Stars, Rain, Air, Wind and Fire, who witnessed this historical process with the Water.

We repeated this spiritual work for the Seas and Oceans on the entire Earth body.  Followed by, once again, a cleansing of the Sun, Moon, Stars, Rain, Air, Wind and Fire.

Lastly this was repeated with the Trees and Plants on the entire Earth body followed by another cleansing of the Sun, Moon, Stars, Rain, Air, Wind and Fire. The spiritual offerings were then taken to Sacred Sites of Restoration in the Heart of the World.

As we recapitulated our (humanity’s) relationship with Nature, there was a deep sadness that was palpably felt from Mother Earth and Nature in the Heart of the World.  We could feel all of the emotions that our sacred Mother Earth, brothers and sisters were feeling. 

We remembered a time when humanity carried a deep reverence within, where a sacredness of the purest love was maintained with Nature and Mother Earth.  

We saw that overtime, through unawareness, we (humanity) had forgotten the sacredness with everything.

How could we forget?

Emotions of shame and guilt permeated our hearts and consciousness.  How could we (humanity) forget our sacred responsibilities, to walk hand and hand in oneness with our beautiful beloved Mother Earth?

How could we lose our interconnectedness with Nature?

We truly felt the pain and damage that has been caused without remorse or empathy to all dimensions of life, in the name of greed, money and power.

Feeling the pain is a necessary part of the healing process.  When we feel empathy we create conscious actions for the future.  This is a form of acknowledging the Mother and our role in the acts of degradation. The feeling in the midst of the spiritual work was overwhelming and it was hard for us to fathom that we (humanity) could even be forgiven for all that we have done. 

However, as all Mother’s and Father’s know, forgiveness is easy when the love for one’s child is eternal.

We are reminded that feeling is important, but not to stay within the realm of these emotions for more time than is necessary, as it is even more important now to then clear the emotions away so that Positivity can radiate through and then to follow suit with Positive, concrete actions.  If we learn from our mistakes, then it all serves a purpose and our mistakes are transformed into restorative justice.  

When we think of Mother Earth, we can try to understand from the perspective of a mother to her child. 

A mother will always remember the birth of her children.  The love and purity that exists in the relationship that becomes established between them is forever rooted in the womb where the child grows.  She observes, sometimes helplessly, the many stages of life the child must go through, all the while unconditionally loving her/him.

She watches as the child becomes exposed to impurities from the moment it is birthed. Over time the child begins to lose their innocence (the sacred) through life experiences and the many stages of development. Then all of a sudden they become a product of their environment. Well, we all know how “out of balance” life is and this life becomes learned behavior.  

The mother sadly, but lovingly comes to terms with the understanding that the child will never be able to fully maintain her/his pure, childlike innocence, but prayerfully, she/he will retain to some degree the morals and values instilled from the love experienced at birth and survive the test called “life”, being the best she/he can be within the environment she/he  exists in. The Mother understands this process as transforming the original innocence and purity into another form.

Mother Earth has been watching us, Her children too, painfully at times, but regardless, still unconditionally loving us, forgiving us.

Are we (humanity) evolved enough now to change our ways and acknowledge Her as a living breathing being?  Are we ready to restore our relationship with Nature?  Make Restoration a priority internally and externally? 

The time is now. We (humanity) must BE the examples, the role models of Restoration.  All peoples of the Earth are the children of Mother Earth.  We can be forgiven, but we have much restoring to do in order to heal our relationship with Nature.  We must remain committed.  We must remain Positive and know that together we can become powerful allies to the Earth and befriend Nature once again.  Where there is a dying ember, a great fire can ignite. 

As we (humanity) begin to recover our own internal order we will be given a path to restore our sacred responsibilities, which is to serve all of life. 

You are all being invited to continue this process of healing all of Nature and take it to the level that you are most comfortable with in your own individual/collective process.  We are grateful for your courage and will be walking this Restoration process with you every step of the way.

We are reminded; by the Elders that "all daughters of the Earth" may be highly susceptible to the pain the Mother Earth is feeling.  Allow yourselves to grieve when these emotions come up, for you are not alone and it will pass, where the light will shine through once more.  This is the necessary process of the “Feminine” healing and signifies a remembrance of “oneness” between daughter and Mother.  

We leave you with these thoughts and ask that you hold the Elders and communities deep in La Sierra in your prayers again, as they are preparing for another level of fasting complemented by spiritual work given by Mother Earth for the healing of Nature.

We (MERT) are being asked to return to the Heart of the World once again to engage deeper and look forward to sharing upon our return in our communication to you next month.

Your continuing support is invaluable whether through prayers, the spiritual work, the coffee or contributions and we are so honored to be on this journey with all of you. 

In unity with loving appreciation,

The Mother Earth Restoration Trust.