Mamo Palia

Dialogue for the Restoration of the Original Seeds

We are honored to present the in depth analysis done by the extraordinary Mamo Palia, who has devoted and committed his life to unveiling the root causes of the critical moment our collective whole is living on the planet, and therefore to bringing forth the solutions for the restoration of Mother Earth that Spiritual Authority invites us to.

This is the transcription of his message to ALL who are ready to listen.  This message was given from the Mamo in his original language.

Introduction: The Elder said we have been instructed by Spiritual Authority, by the Mother to be attentive for a means to communicate a message to be given.  The Mother gave it to us as her own offering so that this can take place here today.

Mamo Palia:  The Mother Herself brought me here.  The Mother Herself is the One that brought me here and She brought me here because She is in deep trouble, She is suffering.  The extinction, Her own extinction begins to evidence itself.  The extinction of Her own seeds begins to become evident and the Mother is sick, She is ill.  So given that the Mother is ill, we begin to see all the seeds disappear.  We begin to see the seeds disappear.  While this happens, as physical persons we have not been seeing any of this take place.  So therefore the Mother Herself is who begins to show us, to show us that this is actually taking place.  Really we have not been seeing how the Mother is suffering and why, why is She telling us?  Because when we speak of the Mother Earth, in Spirit we are being seen, we are being seen as the Mother Earth.

And We (humanity) are the custodians of the seeds in the same way that the Mother is custodian of the seeds.  And, what are the seeds?  What are the seeds?  The seeds are the wisdom, the knowledge, those are the seeds to the Mother Earth, of the Mother Earth.  In the knowledge, the wisdom is not simply that - knowledge or wisdom - knowledge or wisdom to the Mother are identical, exactly as a person, they are a person.

And We, we came here to this Earth to preserve that wisdom, to preserve those seeds.  We are here to preserve the wisdom.  We are here to preserve the seeds in the same way that She is here to preserve us.  In the same way that She germinates the seeds, we are here to reproduce them.  We are here to reproduce the seeds of the Mother.

In the same way that we see a vast diversity of seeds that exist, as races we exist in that same way, as seeds.  For instance, in this continent, there is more than one seed, there exists more than one seed.  We have a vast amount of seeds for example in North America, in North America many, many seeds exist.  In the same way the great diversity of the birds, the great diversity of animals, so in the same way all over the world, in every single place we have a great diversity of species, of animals, a vast diversity of life.

And from the spiritual perspective, the Mother is suffering, the Mother gives this message because She continues to see the disappearance, the extinction of all Her seeds and this is why the Mother Herself gives the message, this is why the Mother Herself gives a word, that word is IKWASHENDUNA and IKWASHENDUNA is a word that is in defense of Her seeds.  So the word IKWASHENDUNA is in defense of the seeds, it’s in defense of the wisdom, of the knowledge.

As a word of origin, IKWASHENDUNA embraces many meanings, and more than a word, IKWASHENDUNA is a protector, more than a word IKWASHENDUNA comes to serve a purpose. As the younger brothers would say - a satellite, IKWASHENDUNA is sort of a satellite.  IKWASHENDUNA is a sort of spiritual satellite that the Mother has sent that begins to analyze, to observe with this spiritual system that of the Mother, everything that we’re doing here on Her body.  Are we transforming?

Have we turned into something different than what we really are?  She is using this spiritual satellite to observe and to analyze what we are at this point in time, what we have transformed into;  are we still peoples?

So it seems to the Mother that at this point in time there is no one out there protecting the seeds, from Her perspective right now we have become Her enemies.  We have become the very enemies of the seeds.  We have become the very enemies of the seeds, of the Mother.  And since we are enemies right now, we have become enemies of the seeds, therefore as enemies of the seeds we have become enemies of Nature, enemies of Mother Earth.

As enemies then, we have transformed into tigers, into condors, into predators, anacondas, demons almost.  And for this reason then the Mother begins to lose Her own wisdom, the Mother begins to flee from this situation and for this reason as well we begin to see the disappearance of ALL the seeds.

So the Spirit of the Mother in this situation begins to flee and as She sees us in this chaos, as She sees us in this conflict, in the spiritual conflict and war that we’re in against Nature, as we continue to lose all the seeds, this is why She gives us this word, the word is a path, a solution that can show us how we are indeed in this chaos, in this state of conflict with Nature, wisdom and with the seeds.

We have to reflect on what supports us with life, what gives us life?  Nature is what supports us, Nature is what gives us life.  So the Mother, She gives this to us so we can share among the children, Her children, so we can share among the grandchildren of the Mother and the fact is, that we are grandchildren of the Mother.  None of us here are grandchildren of another planet, we are of this planet, we are the grandchildren of the Mother Earth.

So for this reason is why we are bringing this message of IKWASHENDUNA, we are sharing the message of the Mother because of this situation that we’re all seeing and living right now.  And we bring it forth as a calling of the Mother, an invitation that should be shared among Her grandchildren.

And all this is happening because even the seeds that produce our foods and the foods that we consume, even those seeds are in danger of extinction, in the same way as the seeds of wisdom and knowledge are also in danger of extinction.  And due to this reality the complement between spiritual and material seeds is in danger of extinction, we begin to see the seeds that sustain the basis of life disappear. And when this happens war begins to appear.

Yes, when the seeds that sustain the very basis of life, when these begin to disappear, indeed war is what begins to show itself.  As war continues to appear we begin to see illness, we begin to see sickness; many types of illnesses that turn into rampant deaths.

As we continue to see death spread all over, as we continue to see death appear in this way, the Mother no longer sees us as Her children. The Mother deeply laments this change. In Her view, She sees us as seeds of negativity, She sees us as negative children, and this deeply saddens Her and makes Her suffer.

Since the beginning of life She has provided us with everything, with Water, with Vegetation, with Air, with everything that we have needed to survive, She has provided it ALL for us. No one today can deny that this is true.

No one can deny that we live thanks to the Air, that we depend on the Air.  Everything that exists here is a product of the Mother Herself, everything including our thoughts, including our words. Everything needs to be or should be from Her own creation and what She has shown us is harmony.  What we see in Nature is balance, what we see all throughout everything that She has given us is harmony and we should be thinking in the same way.

We shouldn’t be warring with each other, we shouldn’t be fighting amongst ourselves and killing each other.  We should only be bringing forth harmony, we shouldn’t be enemies of each other, we shouldn´t be enemies of Nature.

Let’s look at Water and reflect on the elements.  How do they live?  Among them, are they warring against each other?  Are they fighting and creating conflict among themselves? No, ALL the Elements that we see in Nature are in harmony with each other, they’re All complementing each other, they are in peace.

It’s very simple; we should be in harmony, as we see in Nature.  We should bring harmony to ourselves. And today, what is happening today?  We continue to see conflict. We are even warring over knowledge; we are in conflict due to the very knowledge(s) – spiritually, knowledge/wisdom are persons - that begin to compete among themselves. There is envy for knowledge, envy for wisdom.  Due to this conflict we find ourselves in, this internal problem that we’re living, we are urgently being called to harmonize and wake up, to bring harmony within ourselves so wisdom/knowledge is able to continue.

In our original essence we possessed positive wisdom, we had all we needed to preserve harmony.  Little by little however, this knowledge was taken over by a false wisdom, foreign to that original essence begins to appear, it begins to show itself as a person, because wisdom or knowledge are seen as a person. This person, who is completely ignorant, begins to take on a greater presence and begins to take on an effect that brings about this war, this conflict and internal problem that prevails within.

It is actually wisdom and knowledge that were transformed from its original state into what seems to be something completely foreign to our original nature.  When our original nature is transformed, a new, false and ignorant knowledge arises to confront the very wisdom of the Mother Herself. This alien knowledge takes us away from the original wisdom, from our original essence. Then we no longer acknowledge our very own Mother.  And when we are no longer able to acknowledge the Mother, we feel that the Mother does not feel, therefore we cannot feel what the Mother Herself is feeling.

When we have a cut, when we have an infection in our bodies, or if our organs were ripped out, if our eyes are taken out, if all our organs were just ripped away; could it be that we would feel that?  Well, just the same, Nature feels, the Mother feels.

On account of our ignorance of Mother Earth, because of this internal conflict that we are in, the situation of ignorance that we are living, because of all the harm that we have brought upon our Mother Earth, today She is simply asking; can somebody please acknowledge this?  Can someone please come and heal ALL of this?  Can someone please assume responsibility for the way I am being attacked, for the illness and sickness that has been bestowed upon me? Can someone repair and restore ALL of this? This is Her request.

And those of us who feel what the Mother is experiencing at this moment in time, those of us who actually are as concerned as She is, we no longer have the wisdom to heal the Water, we no longer have the knowledge to heal the Air, we don’t have the medicine that She requires for Her own healing.  She is requesting this from us and the fact of the matter is that we don’t know what the medicine is.

Nevertheless, as humans, as people we are able to heal ourselves, we can cure ourselves but really, in essence, it’s not that we are healing or curing ourselves, the Mother is the one that does this for us. If we ask her to heal us, she takes care of us. She is the one that makes possible are own healing, makes possible our own medicines; and what are we doing to heal Her?  How can we heal Her?  We don’t know anymore.  We really don’t have a medicine for Her, a way to cure Her.

Among humans we have all the medicines, we have all the techniques and beyond the medicine itself we also have ways to protect ourselves, we have laws, we have rights, we have all these things but again, what about Her medicine, what about Her rights, what about Her protection, what about Her healing? She has no rights, She has no council, She has no respect. With this information, as physical human beings we’re asking; Is the Mother going to have Rights?  Are we going to acknowledge the Mother’s Rights?

As we feel all of this and having this information, we come to realize that we really don’t have the wisdom of the Mother, we don’t have the wisdom that is required, which is Her wisdom at the same time to resolve this situation. We lack ALL this wisdom, we lack sincere wisdom, we lack honest wisdom, we no longer have the Original Principles, the original council of the Mother Herself, we no longer have the original wisdom of the Mother Herself.  As children all we have is knowledge ignorant of all these things, ignorant of the Mother Herself.

Hence bringing forth IKWASHENDUNA, so all these matters are brought to the table and we can debate with sincerity and honesty what is currently taking place in this moment in time.  And we’re not talking about what took place 2000 years ago, no, we’re talking about this very present moment and this critical situation that we’re ALL in right now.

When we say IKWASHENDUNA, when we say I (e), I (e) means that we presently are seeing the multiplication of the cultural diversity that brings extinction to all the seeds.

We ourselves are exterminating the seeds; we are making the Mother´s seeds run away from us. Since we are responsible for this annihilation of the seeds of the Mother, in the same way then, we must recover them.

We need to recover the seeds so that we can give them to Her once again.

In our very origins when we were created in the prophecy of the Mother Herself, it was never said, it was never determined that in the future we would bring about the extinction of the seeds and our own demise. This was never instructed in the very origin of our creation.

This grave situation we have created regarding the Rights of the Mother calls for an invitation to dispute and prevent the total elimination of the seeds. We are ALL being called, ALL over the world, wherever we may be, to gather, to discuss and to bring all these things that we’re talking about to bear.  Ultimately, ALL life, our lives depends on the very seeds themselves, the very seeds that we are bringing to extinction, so this is the invitation.

Now we learn that the very seeds of the seeds are being removed. Yes, the very seeds, the germ, which allows the seeds to reproduce, are being removed. They are being removed in the same way we would remove the testicles of a cow, a bull, of a goat, of a pig, in this very exact way we are removing the seeds from the seeds themselves.

If we continue on this path, which fails to see the value of the original seeds, if we continue manipulating seeds that sustain life on the Mother Earth Herself, then the Mother will of course have to take matters into Her own hands. She will resort to the Authorities that defend Her rights. The Mother WILL resort to the Authorities that protect Her rights, that defend Her rights and Her seeds, such as the forces of gravity.

The fact of the matter is that as humans, as people in this physical realm, we cannot claim ownership of the seeds, we cannot claim ownership of the seeds, this is something that we cannot do, She is the only one that can do this.

The owners of the seeds, they are not from this planet, the owners of the seeds are from another spiritual planet, a different spiritual realm.  In the same way the Mother of the seeds of the Water does not live here, the Mother of the seeds of the Water lives on another spiritual planet, in another spiritual dimension.  And the Mother, the Mother of the Mother Earth Herself is not from here.  Do we really know where the Mother of the Mother Earth lives?  Do we know where She comes from?  No, we don’t.  We can’t say that we do.  We don’t know this.

As we continue to affect the Mother due to our own ignorance, then the Mother of Mother Earth Herself is going to ask Her daughter to return to the territory that She comes from, to come back to Her own origins where She can actually heal Herself.  What will happen when we begin to see everything disappear? Indeed everything will disappear, we will see the seeds of the Water disappear, the Sun, we will see the very seeds of ALL the Elements here on Earth begin to disappear and we will see the Air, the Water, and ALL the Elements being lost gradually little by little. We will experience a total eclipse.

ALL of the Elements, ALL the Elements that we use, which sustain life, they too have their spiritual Mothers and Fathers, even our senses, our senses have their spiritual Mothers and Fathers and they are not from here from this Earth, they have their spiritual origins.

We realize we have lost our ability to reason, we have lost our memory.  We therefore need to remind each other of who we are, to acknowledge each other, to delve into our true identity; Who are you? Who are we?  Where do we come from? We must identify ourselves.  Identify our origins.

As well we must go within to remember our identity and seek our true essence. As we begin to remember, we will come to realize that everything lies within, ALL the seeds, ALL the Elements, the original instructions; everything that we need is within when we are in our original essence.

Today however, we don’t realize or acknowledge any of this, we completely disregard all of it because we transformed from our original essence into a negative being, a negative body if you will on the physical aspect.

This negative being, this negative body is going to simply leave us in a state of chaos.  So now within our own race, within our own existence, within our own lives we don’t possess the constructive wisdom, the wisdom capable of bringing us out from ALL of this. This gives way to the loss of the sages.

The sages of this territory as they were in their original essence held the dances, they held the ceremonies and their wisdom no longer exists. This wisdom is not lost because it wants to get lost, or because it wishes to disappear.  This wisdom is lost because the actions we take with and through our own bodies brings it to extinction.

If we were to begin to speak of ALL of this in greater depth and in detail then we may never finish, so let us begin with some of these basic things that we’re speaking of today. This is a question that is being brought forth by the Mother and in another interview, for all of those listening; how do you respond to the Mother?  What can we tell the Mother?  What answers can we bring back to the Mother Herself?  This is just a question that is being presented, and we would like to hear your thoughts, answers, and ideas so that we can bring it to the Mother Herself.  This is what She is asking.  This is Her request.

September 9th, 2015- Santa Fe, NM- recorded by Alan Hutner in Transitions Radio Studio