The Mother Earth Restoration Trust

Message from the Heart of the World


Sacred Peoples of the Earth,

As we enter communion during this sacred passageway of the Equinox, the Elders express a message from "the Mother Earth" to be shared with all of you. 

Remain Positive.  As you are doing your spiritual cleansing reaffirm yourselves with Positivity

Do not let Negativity overcome you.

Let us Unite in the healing of oneself/our(cell)ves.  We should all work towards healing ourselves, healing our hearts, healing our thoughts and healing our Spirits. 

As we heal our thoughts, we heal our actions.  As we heal our hearts, our actions will reflect Positivity.  

In this moment, right now, the focus is on healing oneself/our(cell)ves as a way to heal Nature, all of Nature. 

In doing this, we are healing all of the elements, which are people/persons, the Earth, the Water, the Air, the Fire that sustain life on the planet.

We are “beings” that need the Water, need the Sun, need the Stars, need the Moon, need the Air, need the Earth, need the Fire; these sacred elements make up part of who we are, we cannot be without them.  We exist in gratitude to them. 

As we heal our(cell)ves, we are healing them too and all the “beings” that surround us; the Trees, the Plants, the Grasses, the Rocks and everything in Nature.

As we each heal our(cell)ves, we heal the Earth, but also above the Earth, the Celestial bodies, the Cosmos; the Stars, the Moon, the Sun, the Water, even the Meteorites are living “beings” that are traveling the Universe.

Always remember that we must remain Positive.

We will emit other communications with more to share as we deepen this work in the next several months.

Together in Unity as we begin to Heal Nature with all of you,

The Mother Earth Restoration Trust 


The Mother Earth Restoration Trust

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