From the Board

From the Board of Directors

It is with great humility and gratitude that we, Members of the Board of Trustees of the Mother Earth Restoration Trust, are part of the organization to serve the collective whole of the Earth, and all of Her Children that constitute the sacred web of life.

As well, we bring our commitment, devotion, experience, vision, talents and relationships to serve the Trust in achieving its objectives through the different initiatives that it forwards.  This has only been possible through years of perseverance, hard work and resiliency that many peoples have endured to birth its creation; primarily The Peoples of the Earth from La Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, Colombia.

Furthermore, we are honored to be part of an organization that is in function of Spiritual Authority (Mother Earth) and is guided by pre-ancient (before light was birthed) wisdom preserved by Elders from "The Heart of the World".

With gratitude, humility and in service to Mother Earth Restoration,

Erica Ohliger & Nelson Caraballo

Rachel Bennett

Katie Teague

Donna Nash

Peter Loomis

Darla Loomis