Giving Gratitude to Nature

The Mother Earth Restoration Trust

Giving Gratitude to Nature

Dear Honorable and Sacred Peoples of the Earth,

In the wake of all that has transpired worldwide during this month of November and honoring the season of Giving, may we all maintain a state of grace, remaining in gratitude for all we have and all we are becoming through these transformative times. Let us consider Giving Gratitude, every day.

We will begin by expressing our own profound sense of gratitude to our global family for the conscious support you have given in all the different ways you have been inspired to.

After our last communication, the Elders in the Heart of the World requested our presence once again, to accompany them in deepening the ongoing spiritual work for Healing All of Nature. Doing so, helps us remember the Mother´s Natural Constitution and allows us to gain greater insight with an understanding of the processes the Four Peoples forward for the restoration of our beloved planet.

A great part of the Mother Earth Restoration process lies in humanity´s ability to remember that each one of us has a role within Nature, which nurtures, complements and is reciprocal with all other life-giving and life-sustaining threads that constitutes the web of life.

This remembrance, which we – MERT – must embody to fulfill our sacred responsibilities, is what we share with our global family through coherence of Original Principles (complementarity & reciprocity). This is our commitment to our Mother, the Four Peoples of the Earth, and extends outwardly to all of you as our collective is Re-Unified in Spirit, Thought and Action towards peace and harmony within Nature Herself.

Embraced by the Mother in the heart of the Heart, the Elders guided us through a continued process consisting of recapitulations back to the Origins all that is on the planet, before Earth experienced Her first dawn. Envisioning what humanity´s disconnect from the Mother has brought upon all dimensions of life on the planet, we deepened the cleansing and healing of Mother Earth and Nature with thorough detail and precision with the medicines provided by the Spiritual Mother and Father of Mother Earth, the Waters, the Seas & Oceans, the Trees & Plants and different to the work done on the last journey, this time around we were asked to cleanse and heal the Fire.

The cleansing and healing of Fire took us once again to the great sadness felt when seeing how we (humanity) went from revering with sacred gratitude and appreciation for bringing warmth and light to the heart of our dwellings places and communities, to using it in ways that today show immeasurable devastation in the web of life. We thought to ourselves how the spirit of Fire in so many sacred elements (seen as persons) of the Mother, is today released as CO2, nuclear waste and many other toxins that permeate our entire biosphere. In its misuse, it also flares through the animosity among ourselves that erupts into war and conflict all around the world today. It is clear to us that global warming is the spirit of Fire in a state of anguish/anger that can only be appeased when our collective whole consecrates once again.

We were asked to remember that the Sun, Moon, Stars, Universe(s), Air and Wind have been, and are, witness (see, hear, touch, taste, feel) to all that is taking place right here on our sacred abode called Earth. Wiping away the tears of grief, anger and disconcert that our Brothers and Sisters feel continues, aiming to one day reach a point of reconciliation with them All.

This brings to context a communication made a few months ago, in which we shared that the Elders were being instructed by the Mother Earth to deepen spiritual work for the coffee initiative. As a child of the Mother, the sacred coffee plant has her own Original Role within Nature.

Since the origins of time, before coffee was ever a plant, she was a woman dressed in Earth, who in her lunar cycles would sow her red seed in the land.

This seed embodies a Mother, which contains the stories that once again connect us with the "Life Originating Principles" and through a golden thread of ancestral memories, sustains us in Unity with the

As part of the restorative work relative to the coffee plant´s history on the planet, we were taken back all the way to the beginning, when the Mother Earth Herself began birthing Her Original Seeds. We were given (connected to) the energy of Her creation – Her pure, pristine, primordial energy was gathered along with the innocence held within Her seeds. With this energy we were guided to clean and heal the entire history of the coffee seed (bean), from her original state to her present condition.

Our awareness became centered on her emotional state as a person, as a woman, as a seed that was forgotten, used and exploited with greed and power, leading to great loss of her natural environments of diversity and richness, and to the enslavement of peoples in the regions of the planet where she is currently grown.

She (the coffee) is acknowledged and honored for her true, original essence as she takes on the role as yet another daughter of the Earth, reminding all the children to come back to that point of Origin where race, color, credo and religion are all embraced for their potential to enrich the unique tapestry we are all part of.

May we begin to see and acknowledge all Original Seeds of the planet in this same way, and as we enter the gateway to a new chapter of possibilities in human history, where the Original Principles of complementarity and reciprocity become the healing tonic of these times.

We invite our global community to consciously engage with this sacred woman (the coffee), during this season of Giving in Unity with MERT and the Four Peoples in the Heart of the World.

The Elders:

"When we – in La Sierra – invite people, or communities, to a gathering, we always make sure everyone gets at least a cup of coffee; keeping present that when giving comes forth from the heart and is made available to the collective the whole gets nourished..."

We very much welcome coffee orders HERE, and/or CONTRIBUTIONS to MERT and embrace them as a conscious gesture of reciprocity and gratitude, which allows us to continue nurturing (financing) the processes we are part of in the Heart of the World.

On a final note, in future communications we will share with you how the Healing of Nature was/is complemented specifically by women within the mountains of La Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, as they remember and strengthen their own original roles as daughters of the Earth to restore themselves – the feminine principle – to bring about Angüe Duna – Positive Spiritual Thoughtinto collective consciousness through the Mother´s Heart:

"Women are the ones who can restore balance and overcome the force of Negativity that has multiplied in La Sierra and worldwide. For the restoration of Mother Earth, which includes all life on the planet, it is agreed that now is the moment for women to enter a deeper process to remember their original roles and responsibilities. Because women internally possess all of the same elements and sacred sites as the Mother does, healing themselves is seen as the vital component to the Unification Process."

We leave you with much gratitude in our hearts as we continue walking the path of Mother Earth Restoration and ask you to please keep the Elders and the Four Peoples in the Heart of the World present while Giving thanks this week as they are entering another round of fasting with spiritual work for Healing all of Nature, while preserving the link to our common Origins.....

In Unity,
The Mother Earth Restoration Trust


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