Healing the Feminine & Nature



Mochilas, unique to this women's initiative, are living relics woven by women who continue giving strength to the spiritual work being done for the Healing of Nature and the Feminine, while sustaining Angüe Duna (Positive Spiritual Thought).  Each mochila takes approximately 3 - 6 months to prepare from beginning to end and every stitch is imbued with pre-ancient wisdom (before light was birthed), which embodies the miracle within the creation of all Life. The mochila is spiritual, sacred art, mathematics — creation.  It records aspects of that woman’s life while weaving and is therefore a way of sharing her intimacy with others.  Read more about how they embody the Creation of the Universal Mother.

We are excited to share with you our short video on the sacred art of weaving a mochila into creation. 

The creation of a mochila is woven into the everyday tapestry of that woman's life and becomes an integral part of all she is experiencing.  She weaves while she is walking barefoot through the mountains, outside at night under the moonlight, under the stars, while she is in her kitchen by the fire preparing food for her family, to and from the garden, while picking plants for medicine or on the way to the river –– infusing the mochila with all the Elements of Nature and Original Principles she is living on a daily basis.

In communications past we gave an urgent message to all daughters of the Earth, The Moment in Time for Woman, where we introduced the Healing of the Feminine and the mochilas––an important women's initiative seen by the Mother through the Elders to be an imperative step towards Healing Nature.  At the end of that communication we stated we would deepen into the Principles that lie within the Feminine, woven into these mochilas.  Read more about how they embody the Creation of the Universal Mother.

With your continued collaboration, our agreement with the Mother through the Ancestral Authorities (Sagas & Mamos) will be honored.  Conceived with the intent to permeate collective consciousness with the Feminine Principle, these mochilas are ready to be embraced by those who resonate with the meaningful purpose they carry. 


Water has long been equated with the feminine aspects of life, as creation stories throughout the world regard water as the womb of “the Mother Earth”, where all life began. In the cosmogony of the primordial Mother it is understood by the Four Peoples that in the beginning, all was dark. There was no Sun, no Moon, People, Animals or Plants, only the Sea, endless and vast—“The Universal Mother”—and She was everywhere.

In every direction She (Universal Mother) was Spring, River, Lagoon, Waterfall, Ocean and Sea. She was the primordial Mother Essence from where everything originated. She was the unborn and eternal source. She was the spirit of what was to come. This infinite dark and ultimate depth of Her waters (The Universal Womb) was only thought and memory. 

When everything was only thought, before the birth of the Sun, the Universal Mother began to bring the first world into being (form). It is understood that The Great Mother was meditating and in Her meditation She began to spindle Her thoughts. She spun all the threads of life into one golden thread She began weaving into a beautiful tapestry of oneness, known today by many as “the web of life”. Every time a mochila is being made, the woman weaving is consciously re-enacting the Creation of Life before the origins of time, entering a realm of  Mystery and the Unknown...just like Creation itself.

From the perspective of pre-ancient wisdom (before light was birthed)––a universal science, it is understood that the bio-chemical composition of the human body is the same as the planetary body. Today this is common knowledge among many scientists. Human bodies are 70% water; the planet is 70% water. Without water, life cannot exist.

Waters in La Sierra––like waters all over the world––are mostly polluted. Toxic waters are the effects of rampant materialism of modern civilization compounded by our forsaken relationship with Mother Earth, leading to the reproduction of unhealthy living beings of all species, including humans.  In light of this, we understand that the restoration of the Waters correlates directly to the restoration of our wholeness within (internal order).

The decision to interact with humanity at a global scale, through the mochilas, is founded on a pedagogical approach. The Four Peoples of La Sierra believe that it is only through awareness that humanity will begin to adopt an understanding of “Life’s Original Principles”—that we are connected to everything. These mochilas will serve as portals of remembrance. 

Understanding that women are the “Creators of Life” and like water, play a vital role in sustaining it, the origin of the mochilas is intended to remind all who wear it, women and men alike, of this Feminine Principle.

As we stay connected to the essence of these mochilas, we will see its subtle effects in decisions we make in our everyday lives, where the Feminine Principle is placed at the very forefront of our actions. As well, the mochilas remind us of the importance of our own internal water as men and women, cells of the Earth body—directly related to the Waters of the world.

Spinning_the_wool_Close_Up.jpgThe women of La Sierra living within the cultural norms of the Four Peoples of the Earth understand that every female born is considered a Saga.

Sagas (women) and Mamas (men) are enlightened spiritual leaders of their communities. They are chosen either at birth or at an early age, trained and sometimes sequestered for long periods of time, in order to preserve their purity. 

The Elders (grandmothers)––represent the Oceans, the Mothers––represent the Rivers and the young girls (children)––the Springs––that hold the pure spiritual basis for the continuity of the waters of life. All “daughters of the Earth”—young and old—weave mochilas. These sacred works of art (mochilas) are made by the women in states of profound communion with the Mother, coherence and concentration. The pattern on each bag are intentional and symbolic, telling a story relevant to the Original Principles.

The women of the Four Peoples are bonding in agreement to bring forward this initiative to bring greater awareness to our collective need to heal and cleanse the waters, the universal womb—and to bring Life back into natural balance. The collaboration from our global family will support them as leaders in their communities and will allow for their wisdom to be heard throughout the world as the initiative matures and continues to bear fruit that nourishes consciousness with the remembrance of our sacred place in Nature.

More to come in our very near, future communications...