Honoring the Elders


In Honor of the Life of the Elder Mamo Palia


Beloved Global Family,

The spiritual investigation carried out by Mamo Palia during the last 40 years of his life continues to serve as a beacon of light that shines even brighter now, since his recent passing. Mamo Palia left this world on May 31st, 2017. In his final days, a great volume of wisdom related to the Creation of the Web of Life on this planet through the birthing of our Mother Earth, was transmitted to other Elders, who recognized the profundity the Mamo reached in his analysis of the current state of the world. Of such depth was his insight into the Laws that govern Creation on Earth, that with his passing, many were concerned they would never be able to read the Book of Creation as he did. 

His service to all Life and commitment to preserving its balance however, were of such devotion, that even now, as he journeys onward into the Great Mystery, we continue to receive his guidance so that his legacy–IKWASHENDUNA (the pathway to our original essence that restores our capabilities)–is indeed sown in collective consciousness and humanity receives the fruit its meant to bear. Through the spiritual consultations of Elders present, we are being shown by Mamo Palia that the most fertile soil for the Seeds of Wisdom to be sown, is in the children, whose innocence will assure they (Seeds of Wisdom) grow unspoiled, protected and rich in nourishment–so much needed for the rebirthing of Light and Positivity in our humanity! 

Mamo Palia was an extraordinary Elder, who touched many hearts and many lives. He earned the right, as a child of the Mother, to live on Her body and then some. His deep investigations on the root causes of war, division and conflict were passed on to other Elders who now continue to forward this work. To read and listen to the findings of one of the many deep investigations done through consultations with the Mother when he came to Santa Fe, New Mexico please click here: The dialogue for the Restoration of the Original Seed. 

In a state of profound introspection–reason for our silence until this communication–we share the following insight: In the eyes of the Mother, what does it mean to be an Elder? 

In the words of the Elders: 

We can only say we are Elders when, through living the Original Principles with absolute coherence, we are transmitting the knowledge/Seeds of Wisdom to the children so that by caring for the Mother Earth they earn the rights to live here (on the planet). 

On a grandeur scale, the Mountains of the world are Elders and in their essence, they give this example for all to see. In them, rivers are birthed and thus life is sustained; entire territories and oceans are nourished with the minerals gathered in the water as they flow down from the Mountains. 

As more and more of our Elders pass, we have been giving great thought in taking definitive, precise actions, which contribute to assuring that the Seeds of Wisdom they embody are imparted coherently and effectively. Part of this entails caring for our Elders in a more mindful way. 

As well, we are seeing great responsibility befalling the Elders, as they are being urged by the Mother to heal themselves as a way to heal all relations, thereby allowing their legacy to be well received by those prepared to give them continuity. Elders in the Heart of the World, one of them Mamo Palia, have assumed responsibility/accountability for whats happening to the Mountains (Elders) of the world that continue to be consumed by greed, ambition for wealth & power through the commodification of their riches, damming of the rivers that run through them and the eradication of the ecosystems that preserve the springs…

Mamo Palia was reiterative (and so shall we) in telling us that the restoration of our beloved Mother depends on the Seeds of Wisdom we, humanity, were given at our very origins. Where they still exist, these need to be preserved and where they have been forgotten they need to be restored/remembered, so they are lived by our collective in order to BE peoples of the Earth and BE seen by the Mother as Her children once again.

Mama Palia, through his consultations brings a question forth to the world from a Universal Spiritual Authority, who presented Herself to him as Doña Semi Reina Sanaú (Madam Semi Queen Sanaú). She brings forth Original Laws from Creation, that when violated, Justice is applied. 

What is Justice? Justice is restorative/restoration. This begins by: 1) Identify who is hurt–Mother Earth. 2) What are the needs to repair/mend/restore? Make Mother Earth a priority and consecrate all Life. 3) Accountability. Who is responsible to meet these needs? Humanity. 4) How do we prevent repeating the harm? Preserving, restoring and passing on the Seeds of Wisdom.

First Law Given: Are we (humanity) willing to make the Mother Earth the priority at a deeper level by committing to live Principles that consecrate All life? 

What does that mean?
By consecrating our creative energies, carried within our words, thoughts, feelings/emotions and sexuality (original purpose of conception is to care for Mother Earth). 

In doing so, humanity will bring back the original and profound meaning to what is known today as environmentalism, conservationism, restoration, law (justice) and through absolute coherence, will preserve the Seeds of Wisdom. 

Are we willing to make the Mother Earth the priority (First Law of Creation)?

I am giving you this Law and I am also giving you the instruction, know this and fulfill it.

~ Doña Semi Reina Sanaú (Madam Semi Queen

Our deepest and profound loving appreciation to Mamo Palia and Elders all over the world,

The Mother Earth Restoration Trust