In Honor of the Primordial Mother

The Mother Earth Restoration Trust

In Honor of the Primordial Mother


Sacred Kindred Hearts,

With profound appreciation for our beloved Mother Earth, we acknowledge Her beauty and unconditional love on Earth Day and every day, as She continues to give Life as best She can, to all the peoples of the Earth while undergoing tremendous amounts of stress. As global dynamics intensify–social, environmental and cultural imbalances–more offerings are made in the Heart of the World to strengthen the spirit of Angüe Duna (Positivity).

We are filled with enthusiasm and gratitude for continuity in our communications with you. The affirmative responses from so many, who are embracing the meaning of the messages, and their relativity to the individual and collective challenges humanity is facing, inspires and motivates us and the Elders to deepen the internal work here and in La Sierra on the path of healing Nature and the Feminine. The consultations however, reveal the world in such a state of deterioration that each day this work calls for deeper inquiry into the laws of Nature governing Creation. Thus, in their mission to preserve Universal balance on Earth, Elders are steadfast in this task and have expressed the need of a message from the Mother, which we intend to issue throughout the next several months.

This inquiry is being complemented with unprecedented spiritual work by entire communities in La Sierra that aims to keep balance and Positivity, while mitigating Negativity. The spiritual work consists of incisive analysis of how our human actions–even at the most subtle levels–alter Natural Order and ultimately bring about all we are currently experiencing. Each step of the work acknowledges and allows for deeper dialogue with the Mother; in addition, this helps Her sustain Herself. She communicates how imperative it is for Her children to consecrate the Temple of Life once again and the procreative energies as the most coherent way to show the Mother our commitment to Her restoration.

For progression with the healing of Nature and the Feminine, the Elders guide us to reach out to our global family requesting collaboration during worldwide meditations and ceremonies already set in place for Earth Day, to cleanse the Air, Water, Earth, Fire, Rivers, Mountains, Sacred Sites, Oceans, Lagoons, Moors, the Sun, the Moon, the Stars, etc. from the accumulation of anger, sadness, envy, jealousy, mistrust and the overall sense of giving up being emitted from humanity’s consciousness. Remaining attentive to all these emotions (subtleties) is essential so that all of Nature and the Elements coexisting on the Earth body continue witnessing our commitment to harmony, care and balance.

Arrival of Coffee to Complement the Healing of Nature & the Feminine


We are pleased to announce that the first micro lot from our 2017 harvest specialty Coffee infused with the Feminine Principles for the Healing of Nature has finally arrived!

Nourishment from all of you by placing orders here helps MERT support the very important work benefitting the collective that we do with the Four Peoples of the Earth. This fresh batch presents a cup with medium body, dark chocolate with a smooth mouthfeel and sweet aftertaste. The medium roast brings out hints of raw sugarcane and caramel.

In the word of the Elders:

Although both masculine and feminine coffee plants are vital to the whole and both are accordingly tended to in their respective roles, it is the female plant that is called to interact with peoples of the Earth in all corners of the world. She gives the flowers that bear fruit in the form of cherries to be harvested and then prepared to be ingested with a respectful awareness that She is another child of the Mother Earth; whose Spirit of Positivity calls out for Unity in collective consciousness.

This woman (coffee plant) lives the same cycles a female does throughout her life. She grows and experiences all the stages of development–just as a little girl would–and eventually reaches the stage where She bears Her first fruit. To us, taking this first fruit constitutes a violation of the sacred feminine. This fruit represents Her premenstrual stage in life and preserving it is how we consecrate Her innocence and purity. As She matures, she continues bringing forth flowers, with a greater amount of fruit, or cherries. At this stage, She has become a woman, an adult.

For each of the various stages of Her development, we help Her transition by doing the respective spiritual work and tend to Her needs through ceremonies, through rites of initiation, preparing Her for womanhood.

When the coffee begins to blossom, we make the spiritual offerings for those flowers; we make the offerings to the rain so it nourishes Her in a gentle way; we make offerings to the wind so the plants are not blown down; offerings are done to the hail so the cherries on the tree are not damaged. We fulfill our sacred responsibilities and honor the Spirit of the coffee (and all seeds); this is what good quality coffee beans are to us.

In our deep observance of Nature, we always assure she is raised with a family of great diversity (ecosystem), with other flora and fauna. Birds, insects and even amphibians/reptiles are part of the home where She (coffee plant) grows. When we grow the coffee All the children of the Primordial Mother are considered and are given a home so they can all grow together, like a family. Our responsibility is to cultivate the coffee in this way, which sustains diversity and preserves the balance in Nature. ~ Ancestral Authorities of La Sierra

May these words serve to help us remember our sacred place in Nature,

The Mother Earth Restoration Trust


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