Life's Original Principles


The Mother Earth Restoration Trust, in deep alliance with the (indigenous) Four Peoples of La Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta (Colombia, South America), is determined to help restore and sustain the natural balance of life. We support the indigenous peoples of La Sierra Nevada and peoples worldwide in the preservation of their ancestral lands and culture in service to this purpose. Through this collaboration, our unique contribution to the greater whole is our commitment to transforming our relationships within ourselves, with one another and to remember our sacred responsibility within the natural world.

MERT exists to bring awareness of “Life’s Original Principles” into collective consciousness. To this end, we engage people worldwide in transformational experiences. We are here to inspire and catalyze the human family to remember our interconnectedness and to generate a critical mass of conscious commitment to restore balance and harmony on Earth.

Life’s Original Principles (MERT’s guiding values)

  • We understand the Earth is a living being within a living Universe.
  • All beings are vitally connected and each of us is an inextricable part of the web of life.
  • Community, cooperation, reciprocity and complementarity are essential for life.
  • Life is sustained through balance and harmony.
  • Human beings are born with a sacred responsibility to live in collaboration with all of Life.