Origin Story


After 15 years of ongoing relationship and work with the Four Peoples of La Sierra, The Mother Earth Restoration Trust (MERT) came into consideration (spiritual thought) in early 2013. Witnessing the world spiral into deeper and deeper crisis, MERT was inspired by the call from humanity to bring our collective attention to the living planet. Listening and responding to the request of the planet Herself, MERT was birthed to amplify the voice of Mother Earth (also referred to as “the Mother”). She is speaking out at this time to guide humanity along a pathway that leads to Her restoration — which ultimately is our restoration as peoples of the Earth, dependent and in communion with Her.

In 2015, The Mother Earth Restoration Trust was formally established as a non-profit organization in the state of Colorado. MERT is in function of the Mother’s guidance, consolidating 19 years of intimate relationship with the Four Peoples.


La Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta is a mountainous land massif located at the extreme Northwestern end of the Andes Mountain chain in Colombia, South America. The area is home to the native American Tayrona culture; consisting of the Kogui, Wiwa, Arhuaco and Kankuamo (called the “Four Peoples” or the “Elders” hereon out). With altitudes stretching from sea level to heights of almost 19,000 feet, the region has 30 vital rivers that feed the extensive continental water network of the Americas. La Sierra’s unique biodiversity plays a crucial role in the world climatic distribution system.  This system directly feeds northern Colombia, extending into the basin of the lower Magdelena, influencing four departments:  Guajira, Cesar, Magdelena and Bolivar.  Moreover, it is inextricably connected to the extensive South American water network.  In 1969, a segment of ancestral territories were established as a national park and in 1979 UNESCO designated La Sierra Nevada as a World Biosphere Reserve.  In 2013, the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) identified the park as the most irreplaceable park in the world for threatened species.

The Four Peoples are a living example of sustainability after thousands of years of preserving a harmonious relationship with Mother Earth. Though their way of life and culture has become increasingly entangled with the modern world, as a collective people, they continue to maintain a rare spiritual connection with the Mother. This connection — preserved by some of the Four Peoples through pristine ancient lifestyles — enables them to directly hear and receive Her guidance. Because the global, social and bio-cultural crisis has escalated beyond critical levels, the Four Peoples have been instructed by the Mother to come out into the world at this time, to share their insight and join greater humanity in our common initiative for global transformation.

The Four Peoples’ Missionwhich they hold as their Sacred Responsibility in the Web of Life — is to be vigilant of all events taking place in the world and to preserve Universal Balance on Mother Earth.

These four indigenous tribes have thrived for millennia in one of the most unique and diverse regions of the world, which they refer to as The Heart of the World. In their profound understanding of the living planet and it’s physiological functioning, “the Heart of the World” is the actual physical heart of Mother Earth and the four tribes are the four chambers of the Earth’s heart. Therefore assuring the health of the heart, assures the strength to heal the whole. If the heart fails, the whole of the body shuts down.

Since the advent of colonialism, the Four Peoples have been increasingly displaced from their sacred lands and their culture threatened by assimilation.  La Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, a global treasure, with extraordinary bio-cultural diversity is currently gravely endangered due to unparalleled encroachment of large-scale development projects.  There are 365 mining titles that have been granted.  The creation of more large-scale infrastructure, such as dams and ports, will occur as the exploitation of the region's vast "natural resources" continues.  For decades (despite the preservation to date and conservation efforts for the whole of the massif) the implementation of development policies continues in total disconnect with the Mother Earth.  The disconnect harms more than the land, it threatens the living connection of the Four Peoples and their ability to sustain lands vital to the planet through their ancient ceremonial practices.

The Mother Earth Restoration Trust and the Four Peoples share the view that the Earth is a living being, and as such, we are each living cells within Her body. We thereby live in a deep symbiotic and reciprocal relationship with the Earth. Just as our bodies get sick, so does the Earth body. And just as our bodies need to heal when they are not well, so too does the Earth body. We know this today in terms of climate change: earthquakes (Earth), storms (Water and Air), and global warming (Fire) in response to humanity’s ongoing disconnect from Life’s Original Principles. She is speaking in the language of the elements, guiding us into remembrance of our sacred responsibility.