The Mother Earth Restoration Trust

Sacred Greetings to our Global Community,

In these profound times of change and evolution, we pray all of you are cultivating positivity in your thoughts, feelings and actions. In the midst of the many challenges our humanity faces, we can all make a difference towards restoring balance in all aspects of life by infusing collective consciousness with the radiant beauty and grace we emanate into the web of life when we are harmonious within.  We can then compliment that with external actions that nurture our beloved Mother Earth. 

The Summer Solstice heralded many months of deep analysis for the Four Peoples of the Earth from La Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta in the Heart of the World.  The Elders (spiritual leaders) have been in consultations with “the Mother” regarding the many challenges of the world, which to them, is a reflection of what is taking place in the Heart of the World.  The Peace Process in Colombia and therefore worldwide, has led “the Elders” to receive instructions from Mother Earth to do unprecedented spiritual work for the planet and for the awakening of humanity to Heal All of Nature.  (We have been asked to bring forth an urgent message to our global community, as it is a vital moment in time for collaboration and support.  This communication will be sent out a few days before the Equinox in September. On September 22 the Four Peoples will begin a first stage healing process and our global community is invited to participate. Please look out for this communication as we will reveal the Consultations from the Heart of the World and create a global intent with unified hearts to Heal All of Nature.)

We (The Mother Earth Restoration Trust) have been accompanying the spiritual work of the Four Peoples throughout these past summer months. Please accept our apologies for the absence in communications and we humbly ask for understanding, as the spiritual work is a strict process of self-discipline. This means giving priority to the spiritual tasks and responsibilities we commit to as an organization to remain in function of Mother Earth. In fulfilling the spiritual work She instructs and by taking the steps she guides, we remain in full integrity and are therefore authorized to continue in pursuit of our objectives for Her restoration. In this regard, all our initiatives/programs aim to strengthen and restore “the Mother’s” heart; hence our centralized focus is in the Heart of the World.  Only when we achieve this objective, we are being shown, will She be able to “effectively pump blood throughout the rest of Her Earth body.”  As we follow instructions, in the “natural order” She guides, a “template” will be created for worldwide restoration in a specific order.

A Little History to see the Future of the Trust

Although materially, we are a young organization, The Mother Earth Restoration Trust has been in “spiritual thought” for many years. Through a long, committed, at times arduous, journey of profound spiritual work, our organization physically manifested. We remain dedicated to withstand the test of time.  Therefore, before re-engaging our interaction with, and in the global arena, we’ve been simultaneously tending to our organization’s basic, structural needs. We’ve been also preparing to launch our new website, which will be available soon!

This said, we’ve been reviewing vast amounts of content from 17 years of ongoing relationships with the Four Peoples of the Earth, This has required much focus to compile, transcribe and collate. Part of this information holds the archives of the Unification Process, which is to be made accessible for all.  We are humbled and honored to serve as a bridge that extends out from the Heart of the World to help bring pre-ancient wisdom (when all was in spiritual thought of creation and being prepared for its physical manifestation) to as many as we can possibly reach. We believe this wisdom is a great gift to the human family and with much anticipation in our hearts, and on behest of the Elders, look forward to sharing it with our global community.

Coffee Update and 501(c) 3 status:

Since our last communications early this year, we have also been quietly focused on fulfilling our commitments to all of you who supported the coffee initiative. We humbly take this opportunity to express our deepest gratitude, as its co-creation was only possible thanks to your volition to serve and restore Mother Earth. Still in germinating stages, as we continue developing this initiative seeded in The Heart of the World, your invaluable support through further orders will help us assure it bears fruit well into the future.

We are very pleased to announce that in this interim, The Mother Earth Restoration Trust was granted our official 501(c) 3 tax-exempt status!  The Peoples of the Earth Coffee, one of our programs, is a for profit endeavor within our nonprofit organization.  A program that seeks to educate, POEC augments the objectives of The Mother Earth Restoration Trust.  Through our model – Nurturing the Seed from the Tree to the Cup -, coffee producers (in our case beginning with the communities of La Sierra) are holders of 52% of earnings generated, where the remaining 48% is implemented towards other programs within our nonprofit.

To guide us in its development, in a recent consultation with the Mother, the Elders are also being instructed to deepen spiritual work for the coffee initiative.  Through this work, the intent is to strengthen the original role of the coffee “as She is another child of the Mother Earth. Her role is to carry out Unity into collective consciousness as She interacts with peoples of the earth in all corners of the world. In doing so, the urgent call for the Mother´s restoration and the restoration of Her Original Rights to Her Natural Constitution, will permeate into the awareness of humanity where a strong unified volition will manifest into concrete actions.”

Translated to the coffee industry itself, this keeps our intent centered on being part of healing the effects it left in the wake of its historical development. This history shows a dark side of coffee, which when traded as a commodity, embedded into our global, social-cultural tapestry levels of inequality still seen in this present moment, as well as degrees of environmental deterioration to the Mother Earth´s equatorial zone that today screams out for its restoration.

Further insight reveals that as humanity and all of its co-creations take on higher dimensions of consciousness and aligns with values for the perpetuity of harmony and balance, the coffee industry holds great potential to establish a precedent of change towards Care of the People and Care of the Earth.

Together with all of you, we feel honored to be at the vanguard of these changes and look forward to sharing more in the months to come as to how the initiative continues to develop.

We look forward to restoring our beloved Mother Earth together in harmony with all of you.

With loving appreciation to you all! 
The Mother Earth Restoration Trust


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