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Recovery of Ancestral Lands


Having the component of restoration/purchase of lands is inherent to the processes we forward internally in La Sierra, as well as on a global level and is part of the Universal Unification Process. The lands that are recovered are to forward the creation of Temples of Awareness that will serve as beacons of light to guide us back to living according to “Life Originating Principles” (Universal Values); this will assure a transformed global society that leaves a legacy for the Children of clean air, fresh water, fertile soil and harmony in the Human Spirit. 

Stewardship of the lands that make part of the ancestral territory, which are sacred and allow for the union of the human community with the Mother, is an essential element to sustain self-determination and the fulfillment of the Original Mandates (Instructions) of All peoples – to preserve balance and harmony in the web of life.  This element constitutes one of our primary objectives for it makes possible the fundamental conditions to strengthen and recover the basis of the original identity to which all human societies are being called back to. 

Therefore, one of the components within The Mother Earth Restoration Trust is intended specifically to bring lands (purchase where needed) into stewardship of peoples of the earth committed to restoring and protecting sacred lands complemented through the cultural and spiritual values to date preserved by the original (native) communities of each region. The integration of all peoples is vital to bring about the rich tapestry that fully embraces all races and colors in the collective preservation of the lands. 

Note:  Lands are chosen to be purchased based on spiritual consultations in an order of priority worldwide as a solution for global healing of the Mother Earth within the Unification Process.  Likened to the reversal of a dis-ease in a body, the body (organs) needs to heal in a specific order as it is detoxifying or a healing crisis may occur, in this case the Earth body.

We present the first cases for the recovery (Note: in some cases, mainly in Colombia, funds will be destined to carry out the necessary process that re-locates peoples that were displaced from their original lands due to adverse situations, usually product of the armed conflict in this country)/purchase of lands, already in motion and identified for the their significance to the Unification Process within their corresponding context..

Land Component for La Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta….an urgent call to action for the protection of the Heart of the World.

Lands in the Heart of the World…

Division, war and conflict have been a constant in great part of human history and are issues that lie at the very Heart of this critical moment of our global society´s evolution.

As a direct contribution to this situation, Spiritual Authorities of the Four Peoples, whose mission is to remain “vigilant to all events that take place upon the Earth,” have determined this moment in time of the Unification Process to reach out to the Entire World for global support to recover lands that hold spiritual/cultural/environmental significance, which enhance humanity’s ability to restore harmony in ALL dimensions of life.

For years the root cause of division has been under profound analysis by the Four Peoples and today, the findings of this investigation also calls them to self analysis within the context of the Heart of the World. In doing so, they are being asked by Spiritual Authority to identify what aspects of human behavior are fostering said division: ignorance (ignoring life originating principles), decadence and apathy.

In their unbending commitment (mission) to preserve universal balance on the planet, the Four Peoples continue working towards unveiling and resolving the root cause(s) of any deterioration they too may have lived within their own social fiber. This will help bring resolve and healing within the Heart of the World and thus to the entirety of the Mother Earth. Just as each beat of the human heart sends forth the vital blood needed by the human body to survive, resolution will be replicated in the whole of the Earth Body.

The recovery of ancestral lands is a vital component to this process, as sacred sites that preserve codices of original principles are enacted once again. This process parallels the effects acupuncture has on the human body when meridian points are stimulated to allow the life force (chi, prana) to flow once again allowing the organs to fulfill their original, sacred function within the interconnected whole.  

The lands are as follows: 

We present the first cases for the recovery of lands in Colombia, South America: the Elders have given a definitive plan of action that begins with the recovery of specific sacred sites.

  • Sacred Site of the Spiritual Mother of the Original Seeds (for a deeper analysis on the Original Seeds):
    100.5-hectare tract of land within the ancestral territory of the Four Peoples of La Sierra.

  • Sacred site where negativity is gathered and transformed into nourishment for Mother Earth Restoration and the Unification of Peoples: 
    80-hectares tract of land located on the Southern face of La Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta.

  • Lands relative to Division, War & Conflict: Ugueka, Camperucho, Pauseñora, Burinkaka, Headwater of Rio Seco (La Guardia), Headwater of Valledupar, Headwater of Rio San Juan (Calibro),  Mount via Patillal, Camarones. Detailed information upon request.

These lands manifest the creation of Temples of Awareness that will bring the Unification Process to a deeper dimension in its reach to restore Mother Earth’s rights to Her Natural Constitution, as the Unification Process expands in collective consciousness and brings Original Counsel to all peoples through the transcultural dialogue for UNITY.