Responses to Mamo Palia's Message

Questions presented from the in depth analysis done by the extraordinary Mamo Palia, in Dialogue for the Restoration of the Original Seeds - September, 2015 in Santa Fe, New Mexico. 

 ~ "This is a question that is being brought forth by the Motherhow do you respond to the Mother?  What can we tell the Mother?  What answers can we bring back to the Mother Herself ?" 

"These are questions that are being presented, and we would like to hear your thoughts, answers, and ideas so that we can bring it to the Mother Herself.  This is what She is asking.  This is Her request

It is a very meaningful message for me and resonates deeply with my visions and passions and heart’s intent.

To answer the question at the end of the message, here is what I have to share:

"We ask you dear Mother to help all of humanity to find the way back to the wisdom of the original seeds and forward to the love and care for the planet and it’s people and all beings. 

We ask you dear Mother to guide us to align our thinking with the purity you purvey and to take actions and make decisions that are for the sustainability and thriving of the planet and all it’s inhabitants. 

There are many of us who seek earnestly with our hearts and souls to live in harmony with you and all living beings, and somehow we have lost our way, though now we seek guidance and wisdom to lead us forward to the new global society which is peaceful, harmonious, and wise. 

I wake up every day grateful for your blessings and your abundance and I seek to be in deeper harmony with you so that I may share your gifts with so many other suffering souls around the world. 

I understand chaos and devastation is one of the tools to awaken humanity, though I deeply wish that we do not get to that point and that there is another way to awaken humanity so that we may all live in harmony with you without more pain and suffering for all of our brothers and sisters around the world.  

Please show us the way, many of us are listening, we are here for you and seek to live in deeper harmony with you and only wish that we can give back to you more than we have taken. 

Thank you for all that you do to provide wisdom and life to us all, I am sorry for all the destruction I and my brothers and sisters have caused you, and I have faith we will overcome this delusion of greed and power and move forward into the age of purity and wisdom once more.  

Thank you, thank you, thank you. "

 With love, 

 Nathan Crane. 

You can tell the Mother that there are many of us who care very deeply for her & the restoration of Mother Earth. And we have made a sacred promise to do everything we can to protect her and restore her, love and care for her. 

I am the custodian of a movement and family of light workers and dream weavers called Spread the Love. 

And we have a shared intention to co-create, live in and experience Heaven on Earth. 

That means deep and unconditional love for our individual human selves, one another, all animals and sentient beings and Mother Earth our planet & our home. 

We are committed to and dedicated to spreading this message far and wide and helping everyone to wake up to and remember who we truly are, where we have come from and why we're here. 

And we know that a very important part of why we came here was to co-create Heaven on Earth. And in order to have that experience it is important for us to love and care for Mother Earth. 

We hear you, we see you, we feel you, we love you Mumma. 

Let us know if there is any other way that we can be of service to you. 

You are our Mother, our source of life, our protector and our home.

Love you x x x ❤❤❤

~ Katharine Kinney

We can begin by pouring our love into the world to help the world, by pouring our love into the earth to help the earth.  Remember all the love you have ever felt in your life, recall it, let your body open to it, fill with it. Feel it warm you, feel it heal you, then release it out into the world.  Give it away.

Release it with no attachments to it, no expectations of it.  Pour your love out and do not direct it anywhere because Mother Earth will do the rest.  She knows what to do with our love better than we do

Make it into a visceral transmission all your own.  Your body will change to accommodate it.  You will feel it.  Recite it if you need to.  Begin here: "I pour my love into the world to help the world.  I pour my love into the world the world to help the world".
We are made of love.  The entire universe is composed of love.  It preceded us, preceded the earth, preceded the cosmos.


What I can do to help Mother Earth?

- Write simple books about the earth for children (and their parents, grandparents, etc.)
- Create and hold meetings weekly or more for the Santa Fe area. Hold meetings at coffee houses, peoples homes, youth centers, schools, and organization’s on restoring the Mother Earth, seed saving, inner work, enlightenment, spreading the word, etc.  It seems we are somewhat isolated from each other although I enjoy my alone time too.
- Speak at the library or other places on inner work and mother earth care, seed saving and the harm of GMO’s.
- Take walks in nature by myself and with groups to communicate with the earth, plants, trees, stones, animals, devas, all of nature for messages, to gain insight and learn of activities to do that will contribute to the health and well being of Mother Earth and all of creation. And to just be and enjoy your presence that I so love.
- Have a facebook page or website with updates and information so we can connect with each other.
- Paint and draw especially the visions that come from my inner eye.
- Maintain, expand and shine my inner light.  Be grateful.  Have love and good will for my family and everyone I meet and everyone.  Being on good terms with all people and creatures.

In closing I pray for the courage and inner strength to rise to this occasion and help to heal and continuously connect to my true self, Mother Earth, all of creation.  To let go of judgment and enjoy the life and abundance that is everywhere. I welcome further messages and thank you for your questions and for connecting with me.  Thank you so so so so much Earth Mother.
~Rachel Wood

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