Verde River Headwaters

Rescuing the Life of the Verde River & Her Headwaters

In late February 2021, the Verde River Headwaters Land Tract, which holds great historical and bio-cultural significance was presented to The Mother Earth Restoration Trust (The MERT) for consideration in preserving an invaluable source of Water. Soon after, in the beginning of March 2021, consultations with the Mother Earth were carried out in the Heart of the World by Elders of the Four Peoples of the Earth. It was immediately seen that the life of the River is in danger. She, the Mother Herself, was/is sending this “opportunity” as a request for The MERT, in common unity and purpose with many others, to act on Her behalf.  (SEE VIDEO/AUDIO VERSION BELOW)

The Verde River Headwaters Land Tract is home to 7 Springs, who contribute to making the Verde one of the last remaining perennial Rivers in Arizona.

Bringing greater meaning to the concept of deep ecology, the Mother Earth expresses:

These Springs embody and represent children–girls and boys–who carry innocence and purity, which are attributes
inherent to the natural constitution of the River (Feminine).

Remember, Water is Feminine. When a child of a Mother is birthed – the Verde River (Headwaters) – She brings the light of innocence and purity to the world, which is preserved in the very Springs themselves. This light is an extension of the divinity of Life and it is received, held sacred, acknowledged and honored by all of the Elemental Beings of Nature that sustain us alive; the Stars, the Sun, the Moon, the Trees, the Air, the Birds, the Plants, the Grasses, the Rocks, the Animals, the Insects, the swimming Beings, and all that are unseen.

The flow of the Springs (innocence and purity) consequently brings the River into Her existence and permeates all of Nature and the entire Universe.

The Springs, and the River they developed into with the passing of time, at one point were recognized as an essential part of the web of Life by all the Beings of Nature, including humans in the region, whose life they made possible. This relationship was sustained through a constant dialogue founded on original principles of reciprocity and complementarity.

When humanity becomes aware, once again, of the sacredness of Water (Feminine), they will be acknowledging that giving birth is giving light and all light comes into the world through the Feminine (Water). 

In doing so, humanity will remember the significance of preserving innocence and purity – the children, the Springs, the Verde River Headwaters.

Innocence and purity equate to the cleanliness of the Verde River Headwaters and is what sustains the health of all the Beings that depend on, and live in communion with Her to co-exist in balance and harmony as an integral part of a riparian ecosystem that has been acknowledged as irreplaceable by many experts in the field of environmental conservation. Today only 10% of Arizona’s riparian habitat remains alive.

The Verde River Headwaters compassionately provides life for the fragile riparian habitat that surrounds Her banks, consisting of rare, diverse and endangered species; the lush Plant and Tree communities (Willow and Cottonwood combination is the rarest forest of this type in North America), over 200 resident and neo-tropical migratory bird species have been recorded along the River, including Eagles and Hawks, many wildlife species such as Otters, Beaver, Bobcats, Coyote, Grey Fox, Mountain Lion, Javelina and unique species of Reptiles, Amphibians, and native Fish. The Verde River is one of Arizona’s last-remaining perennial River systems and supports 78% of the state’s wildlife species.


Humanity, being an intrinsic part of the web of Life, is now being given a tremendous opportunity to save the life of a River.This begins with some of us making a conscious decision to take action to do so, while serving to remind others that caring for the Feminine (all of Nature) is vital to All Life. By honoring the life of this River, we are in effect, honoring the life of all Rivers worldwide, as well the collective whole of existence.

In complementarity with others, The MERT is being asked to augment the voice of the Verde River and Her Headwaters and everything She represents as a living, breathing BEING who brings life and light into the immediate context of Arizona, and from a holistic perspective, to the entire planet. The current state of the world is calling humanity to make decisions now and into the future from a more inclusive and conscious perspective that embraces All of Nature, rooted in a profound sense of responsibility to care for the Earth, so that She can continue caring for us.

The Springs that today are part of the Verde River Headwaters, will share their wisdom, innocence and purity, by focusing long term on children, young adults, and adults who have the volition to evolve away from the concept of modern development surging from an anthropocentric viewpoint. This is a responsible first step towards remembering our original agreement – to make the Mother Earth a priority by keeping Her in the forefront of our thoughts, words and actions.

We express our deep gratitude to all those who are remembering, hearing, seeing, and feeling the light (life) of the Verde River and Her Headwaters. Let this remembrance inspire and strengthen our unified purpose and awareness towards Her perpetual protection, so that She can indeed continue sustaining all the Elemental Beings of Nature, including humans, well into the future.

Your contributions and support matter…

The Mother Earth Restoration Trust


*We would like to acknowledge with gratitude Walt Anderson, naturalist and artist, for providing many of the photographs of the Verde River Headwaters.

Conscious Funding


With profound gratitude and deeply moved by the Blessings bestowed by The Mother, we are elated to share that the $950,000 raised through contributions and loans made possible fulfilling MERT’s contractual purchase agreement to pay the Seller and complete the securing of the land tract of the Verde River Headwaters by December 31, 2022.

We continue our endeavor to raise another $405,000 to meet our obligations to those who generously offered loans allowing us to make our payments on time and in accordance with the contract.

Our goal is to raise the final amount of 405K by June 30, 2024 and trust we will do so through the conscious awareness existing in the collective of individuals who remember the Elemental Beings of Nature who sustain All of Life on our beloved Mother Earth – in this case, the Springs that today constitute the Verde River Headwaters. 

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All contributions are tax deductible per U.S. code using the tax ID number 47-3799205


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Mona Hoffman, CEO

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