"Remember, make me the priority."

~ Mother Earth













The MERT exists to amplify the voice of the Mother Earth so that humanity remembers that She is a living, breathing BEING who is attentive to, and feels everything that is transpiring worldwide. The state humanity finds itself in is a call from the Mother Earth (Nature) and is counsel to Her Children (humanity) to unify and to remember; remember to fulfill the sacred responsibilities given to us at the Origins to make Her the priority. It is in response to this urgent call that The Mother Earth Restoration Trust emerged.

Our Purpose

To bridge pre-ancient (before Light was birthed) wisdom with the modern world for the Unification of all Peoples, to awaken and inspire a conscious and engaged commitment worldwide for Mother Earth Restoration

Our Vision

We envision a world of pure, fresh Water, clean Air, fertile Soil and harmony among all Peoples of the Earth, where Life is restored to ecological, social, economic, and cultural balance. By 2040 we will have sown seeds of awareness into collective consciousness that bear fruit for the future generations, where humanity lives with a deeper sense of responsibility for the whole of existence and restores the effects brought about by human action in the Web of Life.

"I have been here, with you, since the very Origins."


– Mother Earth


Our Common Origins

Humanity is made up of many, many people just like all the diversity we see in Nature. We are Nature and we are part of that diversity, and all (Peoples and Beings of Nature) carry out a specific purpose (responsibility).

At the Origin, the Mother Earth gave all of Her Children (Peoples and Beings of Nature) a purpose (responsibility) to carry out and in doing so, balance was preserved throughout the world. Each purpose held, and today still holds, the same level of responsibility and all are equally important.

As Life began to unfold, humanity (all Peoples) in the unity of their diversity, as one humanity, carried out their purpose, until at one point in time, they began to stray from that purpose (responsibility) that was given – to care for the Earth and all of Nature. Little by little they forgot and became lost. Living in forgetfulness has created an evident disconnect from the Earth and from all of the Elemental Beings of Nature that sustain us alive.

Today, all of the Elemental Beings of Nature, even the Ants, are still living according to the original instructions given to them at the very Origins of their creation to preserve balance here on Earth. 

It is time for humanity to make a conscious decision, to make a halt and begin restoring, begin reparation and come back into alignment with Life’s Original Principles, in order to address the crises befalling all dimensions of the modern world. We are all being called to remember that there is a purpose (responsibility) we should fulfill in this lifetime and to live that purpose, which guarantees clean Air, fresh Water and fertile Soil, for the future generations.

~ Passage from the Four Peoples of the Earth


Harmony Begins with Nature

Harmony is everything that surrounds us in Nature; it is nothing else.  If no pain is felt when we cut down Forests (or a Tree), when we pollute the Oceans (contaminate the Water), the Air, the Earth; if these actions do not affect us – when we cause pain to Nature – then of course we will easily hurt another human being, or other forms of life, because we feel no pain.  The loss of partnership and disconnect with Nature is the root cause of unaware actions. Harmony is restored when we/humanity (Children of the Earth) re-establish(es) a relationship with the Mother (Earth).  

All the harm we are bringing to each other as human beings is because of all the harm we are bringing to Nature. Change will occur when we acknowledge and become aware that we do not own Nature, we are simply part of Nature. Through our interconnectedness, our thoughts, emotions, words and actions, also directly affect Nature; whether positive or negative.

Healing ourselves, is a way to heal all of Nature. As we heal our thoughts, we heal our words. As we heal our hearts, our actions will reflect positivity.  

In doing this, we are healing all of the Elemental Beings (people/persons) of Nature, the Earth, the Oceans, the Water, the Air, the Fire, the Birds, the Trees, the Mountains, the Plants, the Animals, the swimming Beings, the Reptiles, the Insects and even those we are unable see that sustain life on the planet.

We (humanity) are “beings” that need the Water, need the Sun, need the Stars, need the Moon, need the Air, need the Earth, need the Fire; these sacred Elements make up part of who we are. We exist because of them and we exist in gratitude to them. 


"Take root in the strength of my Trees."


~ Mother Earth


To Heal Ourselves

Change will come when we decide to shift our conscious awareness towards an analysis of self. Let us seek the restoration of our consciousness, seek the restoration of our thoughts and seek the restoration of the word. Remember the importance of our words and that our words should always nourish Nature. We can exemplify our words by how we lead our lives.

As one humanity, let us unite, complementing each other to garner the strength within that ALL of us require for the gratifying task of restoring ourselves, all the Elemental Beings of Nature and thus the Great Mother. May She receive the sincerity of our unification in making Her the priority and embrace our efforts (actions) to reestablish our relationship with Her once again…

Ways to Support Mother Earth Restoration

“Remember, care for all the Elemental Beings of Nature that sustain us alive.”   – Mother Earth

Verde River Headwaters Land Recovery

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